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At night

All began with an interest in the complex contradictions that exist in a relationship – on the one hand there being the desire to share and the need to be in a couple; and on the other hand, the lack of emotion, sense of estrangement and deep solitude that can at the same time follow on. Silent Figures is a series of images conceived as tableaux, photographs straddling real life and fiction, combining real couples in their environments with a constructed cinematic style. 

Society acts as mirror to individuals, affecting their behaviour, where identity is a balance of tensions, and where individuals are torn between the urge to share with and the urge to distance themselves from the other. All these feelings evolve into the project as an intimate figurative drama, representing a dark mise-en-scene on a slice of reality with this sense of alienation.

The silence that can be perceived in this series is represented by subjects immobilised with their overwhelming thoughts, fears, problems, who are captured through fleeting moments in their daily life.

The ‘home’ is where people feel relaxed and safe, where they find their own dimensions, without wearing a mask or needing to perform a certain ‘persona’, consciously or unconsciously. However, within the couple, there is a tension between how one might act and be when entirely alone with one’s individual self, compared to the shared self that may still perform roles or compromise their identity. This project, therefore, aims to depict this solitude of the self within a couple, as opposed to depicting the shared self of the lover’s discourse.

The project is made by working with real couples, merging their reality with staged scenes as a photographic performance of identity.

All of this profoundly influences our concept of intimacy, conceiving Silent Figures as an elaboration on the meaning of the term “bonding” in today’s society.